MoonUnlike the jerry-rigged reconstruction of Greek astrology (which was largely lost during the Dark Ages), Jyotish (Sanskrit for “Science of Light”) is a very precise system from India that has a 5000-year unbroken history. Being based on the sidereal zodiac, its calculations have remained in alignment with “precession,” giving much more accurate results.

Rosanna has been certified as a Jyotisha by the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, to help you dissolve the chains that have bound you until now.

The Celestial Intelligences…

They’re ALL Trying to Help You.

MercuryTake Mercury, for example — notorious for going “retrograde” 3x per year and making our technology go haywire. But what he’s really trying to do, is give you the discernment to tell False from True!

This is his highest (Sattwic) level of intelligence. If he’s not operating so well, you may be disinclined to question authority (Tamasic), or dash all over the place trying to gather information without making much sense of it (Rajasic). His dignity in your chart (in “friend” or “enemy” houses) will tell you which level is your “default setting” for Mercury-style wisdom until you become actively aware.

SunSo it is with all the planets: The Sun is trying to keep you focused on your goal and give you confidence in your power. Mars is trying to destroy whatever is weak in you. Jupiter is trying to give you a connection to God. The Moon shows how well you can give selfless love (as to a child). Venus shows how well you manage negotiated relationships (as with a lover). Saturn forces you to have compassion for all who suffer (often by giving you suffering experiences). And the Nodes are where your buttons really get pushed, through the things that obsess or revolt you.

MarsYour soul came here to Have Experiences. For some of them, it’s your first time; others, you’ve got some unfinished business to handle. After a rough start, will you gain mastery of these issues in this lifetime? By the end, will you be satisfied that you did what you wanted? Or will you make the same mistakes over and over for decades?

This is Deep, Deep Stuff.

Some people live “threescore years and ten” and never get a clue! If you’re reading this, you don’t want to be one of those.

VenusYour Vedic chart is like a puzzle-box that shows you where your soul is on the evolutionary scale, and gives you clues as to where your talents are most likely to thrive, the kind of spouse who would be best for you, what you need to do to be a good spouse yourself, acts of charity that will accelerate your wisdom-development . . . and a timeline that shows when you are most likely to have a breakthrough, and make the most of it.