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Power to the People, or the Demagogue?

Jupiter Retrograde & Rahu in Leo

“What’s the meaning of this?” OK, as promised, here’s the general themes for the planetary shifts happening today.

I mentioned earlier this week on Facebook, that Mercury Retrograde isn’t the big news. It’s in Capricorn now, and although Capricorn is a very sober sign and Mercury is anything but sober, it is also a very practical sign, as is Mercury. So Mercury Retro in Capricorn isn’t such a big deal, in fact it’s getting support by being aspected by ruler Saturn. It means: Be serious and straightforward about your communications. Jokes and sarcasm are apt to be taken the wrong way, and undercut the point you’re trying to make. Reflect on your tendency to do this, and figure out how you can say exactly what you mean, not as an accusation, but as a neutral observation.

The bigger news is Jupiter turning Retrograde too. The Merc Retro only lasts for 3 weeks; Jupiter’s last 4 months. At the physical level, Jupiter represents teachers and children; at the abstract level, he represents hope, optimism, higher-wisdom teachings. When any planet moves “backward” by apparent motion in the sky (it’s an optical illusion), the physical things of that planet become confused or frustrated, while the abstract qualities are supported.

Until May 9, watch for confusion or strain in your relationships with teachers and/or children. “Sacred cows” may be called into question. Either you disagree with one of your teachers, or your children will disagree with YOU. But your challenge is not necessarily to get into fights about this: instead, turn inward and examine your own beliefs. “What DO I really believe about this? Why do I believe it?” Model good behavior for your children at this time — don’t just fall back on the eternal parental copout of “because I said so, that’s why!”

Joining Jupiter, as of tonight, is Rahu, the North Node Eclipse point. Until August, when Jupiter moves onto Virgo, Rahu and Jupiter will be tracking very close together in Leo. And guess what Leo is the sign of? Governments! What season are we going into now? Primary Elections and Party Conventions!

Rahu explodes anything he touches. You can guarantee there will be a lot of explosive rhetoric (Rahu) about competing philosophies (Jupiter) regarding how to run the country (Leo). Opposite this, is the South Node, Ketu, in Aquarius. Ketu is the planet that turns away from something, and Aquarius is the sign of mass social movements. If Leo is the sign of the King, Aquarius is the sign of the People.

For awhile, it may seem like our would-be leaders want to turn-away (Ketu) from the masses (Aquarius) in favor of a more dictatorial style of leadership (Leo). But the good news about having the Nodes in these signs now, is that they cause a lot of polarized positions, which in turn leads to clarity, really quickly. We are likely to see very polarized positions about these governmental philosophies. It’s shaping up to be a showdown between the Man of the People and the Man Who Would Be King — you know who I mean!

Candidates who are neither fish nor fowl, are not favored in this environment. Moderates are likely to lose in the primaries, because their platforms aren’t clear enough. If you can’t really state what you stand for, would-be voters won’t understand you. A confused mind (Rahu) will not decide in your favor.

Adding pressure to all of this, is the planet of Pressure, Saturn. He’s in Scorpio (a highly pressurized environment), aspecting Jupiter and Rahu from 10 houses away. Thank our lucky stars that he’s doing this, because Saturn is the Reality Check. He always gets the last word about everything. And since he rules Aquarius, where Ketu now is, it could mean that the People will prevail after all.

It should be one heluva ride.


Saturn & Mars Retrograde — What it means for YOU

These days, does it seem to you that you are having impositions and demands placed upon you, FAR more that what you would normally consider reasonable?

It’s not your imagination. You ARE. The stuff you’re having to deal with, now, may be magnified to unprecedented levels, compared to what you’re used to.

Routines, schedules, anything predictable that you used to be able to count on, in order to get stuff DONE — has all of that pretty much just gone out the window?

That’s the disruptive influence of the North Node of the Moon. Both of the current Saturn and Mars Retrogrades are happening really close to this eclipse point. And the North Node has a habit of exploding anything it touches.

Are there certain situations in your life, where you’ve been just sort of muddling-through with them, but now they’ve gotten SO out of hand, that you HAVE to do something? You’ve reached a breaking-point with that thing.

Saturn breaks things, or changes them. Any structural weakness, breaking-points just waitingto happen, Saturn exposes them, and when he’s conjunct the North Node, he will expose them in a BIG way.

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