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Coming Soon: “Blue Blood, Green Heart” Book

See the Blog Posts in the right-hand column (down where it says “Click on these Cool Articles”), for more information about my latest book, "Blue Blood, Green Heart." See the video, read a sample chapter, and find out how YOU can be listed in the book as a Patron, Sponsor, Benefactor, or Angel!


Rosanna TuftsThe Tufts Get Going – Wednesdays at 9 a.m.
Learn the secrets of guests who “get going” on making their dreams come true. Host Rosanna Tufts is the author of “Windfall! Taming the Jealousy Monster,” composer of the rock opera “The Passion of Persephone,” Certified Handwriting Analyst, and Vedic astrologer, who likes to dance, sew, and ice skate for fun. Rosanna Tufts 443-860-9604 Catonsville MD 21228