Handwriting Analysis & GraphoTherapy

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“Is this person really write for me?”

That’s not a typo! A person’s handwriting is like an EEG, revealing hidden personality traits through the strokes on the page.

If you are dating someone, look beyond his good looks.
Ask yourself “quality qualifying questions” like these:
• Is he generous?   Generosity E
• Is he sarcastic?   SarcasticT
• Is he physically aggressive?   AggressiveP
And if you are hiring someone, look beyond
the resume and practiced poise. Ask:
• Is she honest? LyingLoopO 1
• Does she think long-term? HighSET 1
• Can she command without alienating?    DominantT 1

At Rewrite Your Stars, Handwriting Analysis is a scientific strategy, proven accurate in 85% of cases, to ensure you have the “write” people in your life, and on the job!

Ask Yourself: “Would I Let My Daughter Date THIS Man ?”

ThomasKaneSampleProbably not, right?

But what is really going on, inside this tangle, that would enable you to predict exactly how someone is likely to react under stress?

Rosanna E. Tufts of Rewrite Your Stars will help you pick-apart the strokes in anyone’s handwriting, and explain how each stroke equates to a personality trait. She is certified by Handwriting University of Los Angeles, as a Handwriting Analyst and Grapho-Therapist.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, early on, whether someone is a good match to you — or to your job opening!

All Perfectly Legal.

One of the beautiful things about Handwriting Analysis is what it does not show.

A handwriting sample cannot tell you someone’s:
• Age
• Gender or sexual orientation
• Race or national origin
• Religion

So you can use it in the hiring process without violating any protected class under the Civil Rights Act.

“What If MY Handwriting has
Deal-Breaker Strokes?”

When you turn the microscope on your own handwriting, you may find a few traits that aren’t so flattering. Does that mean you’re doomed to a life of failure and frustration — or can you change how well you function in the world, by changing how you write?

Absolutely! Here is where the rubber really hits the road. If the neurons that fire in your brain are reflected in your marks on the page, it stands to reason that consciously altering those marks will create new neural pathways. Benjamin Franklin actually experimented with this and found that it works. The strategy has now been systemized into the leading edge of Handwriting Analysis: Grapho-Therapy.

FearSuccessY 1   This simple but extremely powerful technique involves making modifications in how you write specific letters — in a specific order — to boost your self-esteem, reduce your sensitivity to criticism, overcome selfconsciousness and many other “fear factors.”

Yrepaired 1The alterations are small, but the results can be huge! When one of Rosanna’s clients, a
personal trainer, practiced repairing her “fear of success” trait, she won a role in an exercise video, within 10 days!

Rosanna E Tufts of Rewrite Your Stars is one of a handful of Handwriting Analysts in the country who is also certified as a Grapho-Therapist. She can coach you to change your life in 30 days, possibly saving you thousands of $$$ and years of psychology visits!

For More Stubborn Cases…

SaturnSo now you’ve changed your “wiring” by changing how you write … but what
if the conditions around you, remain as unyielding as before? You still can’t find the right job, your true love hasn’t shown up yet, your relatives still make unreasonable demands? Or you have a nagging physical complaint that no doctor can explain?

It may be that your soul is trying to develop a deeper kind of intelligence, that can only come from facing these challenges. The changes are happening, but so incrementally that you can barely see your progress.JolieChart

Here is where Vedic Astrology can help.