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Election Night 2016

OK, since someone has asked, here is my take on the astrology of Decision Day 2016.

Please note that this is not indicative of the quality of the administration that gets elected, whichever one it is. For that, we would have to look at the chart for the Inauguration. The time in between November 8 and January 20 is transitional. In the chart below, we are looking for the immediate impact of the election results.

I have cast this chart for November 8, 8:00 pm, Washington DC, right as the first polls close in Eastern states, and results start to roll in.

The first thing to notice — and what has made some people very nervous — is that all visible planets fall within one side of the Eclipse axis. Rahu the North Node is in Leo, and all other planets are within Virgo to Aquarius, until you come around to Ketu the South Node in Aquarius. The Moon is in early degrees of Aquarius, and hasn’t passed Ketu yet.


This is known as a “Kala Sarpa Yoga,” or the “snake” yoga. It is regarded as very inauspicious. When an individual is born with this, it is believed that they suffer misfortunes due to having killed or harmed a snake in a previous life!

In world events, this combination is described as “ministers will lose their positions, political equations will change.”

Well, we knew that anyway. And this receives further support by two planets — Mercury and Venus — changing signs earlier in the day. But consider how the Tea Party has appropriated the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, giving this image a bad reputation. One could look at this as a form of “harming a snake.” (Also known as the Gadsen flag, it depicts a coiled rattlesnake poised to strike.)

Could we be seeing the death throes of the Tea Party?

Rahu, the Eclipse point of explosions and toxicity, has a big voice in this chart. Both the Ascendant and Moon are in Lunar Mansions ruled by Rahu. The Ascendant is in Ardra (part of Gemini) and the Moon is in Shatabhishak (part of Aquarius). Ketu, the other Node, is also in Shatabhishak.

I have Moon in Shatabhishak myself, and I can tell you that having a Rahu-ruled Moon gives its natives a great need to be emotionally transparent, to “live their truth.” I roll my eyes out loud. Sometimes this comes at the expense of getting along with people — although I’ve gotten better with this as I’ve gotten older. It’s part of what makes me so good in radio.

Whichever candidate wins, expect the night to be highly emotional! And since Ketu, the planet of revulsion, is conjunct the Moon, SOME people are going to be mightily disgusted.

Corroborating this, is the ruler of the chart, Mercury, joining Saturn in Scorpio. This gives a feeling of being swindled or stolen from.

(I observed this BEFORE Trump hinted that he would contest the results if he loses. For a comparison of this potential lawsuit to 2000’s Bush v. Gore, see the following article: You’ll see that Gore did NOT actually bring a lawsuit. The Florida recount was automatically triggered because the results were so close.)

Speaking of Florida, as I write this report, I have just heard that a Federal judge overruled Republican Governor Rick Scott’s cutoff of voter registration, giving residents of this crucial swing state an additional 6 days to register, following Hurricane Matthew. In that time period, over 108,000 people registered — which is a very auspicious number in Hindu mythology.

This is a perfect illustration of the essential conflict of Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius, which has been active since the beginning of the year, as the first primary elections were getting underway. Leo is the sign of the “king” and government; Rahu here has exploded and exposed corruption at all levels of government. Aquarius is the sign of the people and mass social movements; Ketu here has made intellectuals and rednecks alike, fed up with being shortchanged by our government’s failed promises, and given everyone an incentive to DO something about it.

Despite the disruptive nature of these factors, there are also some very auspicious protections going on. The Moon rules the 2nd House of this chart, the house of “family stability” and values, where your basic needs get met. It lands in the 9th House, the luckiest house of generosity, civic mindedness, philanthropy. This makes it form a “Dhana Yoga,” auspicious for the “wealth of nations.”

You may have noticed that every time Trump has been ahead in the polls, the stock markets swoon; every time Clinton is ahead, the markets go up. The “smart money” doesn’t trust Trump. This chart indicates a huge sigh of relief for the markets — watch what they do on November 9th through 11th.

Mars precedes the Moon; this is one of the Moon Yogas. When this happens, not only do we expect a fight, we welcome it. While many people are terrified of a fight — like rioting in the streets — an equal number of people are relishing the opportunity to make Trump shut the fuck up, once and for all.

The good news is that Mars is in Capricorn, where he is Exalted. When the most impulsive planet is ruled by the most restrictive planet (Saturn rules Capricorn), Mars gets disciplined and becomes the master of strategy.

Even better, Mars is aspected by, and exchanging signs with, Saturn. Mars is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn; Saturn is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. When two planets are in each other’s signs, they “agree” to share the things that matter to them; they support each other.

Both of them also form “Vipareet Raja Yogas” in this chart (notated in the diagram with “VRY”), because they are rulers of the “difficult” 6th and 8th Houses, and land in each of those Houses. This helps to neutralize the difficulties of those houses, enabling the conquering of enemies.

Saturn rules the Moon in Aquarius, and along with Mercury, is also 10 Houses away from the Moon. This is another Moon Yoga, and very helpful. The Moon represents what we feel in our heart. There is a feeling here of eloquence (from Mercury) and ability to handle responsibility (Saturn). Together, Mercury and Saturn form a Raja Yoga, as Mercury rules the 1st and 4th Houses, and Saturn rules the 9th. Since Saturn always gets the “last word” about everything, and with Communicator Mercury helping, it’ll be worth it to stay awake to hear an epic victory speech.

So the Moon is getting help from three Moon Yogas. The other female planet, Venus, is also forming a Raja Yoga, as ruler of the 5th House of Creativity landing in the 7th House of Partnerships. This would seem to favor the female candidate.

And what of the sorry excuse for a male candidate? All along, I’ve been saying that his meteoric rise was fueled by the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter in his 1st House of Leo. Throughout the primaries, Jupiter blessed him, enabling him to defeat a weak field of Republican candidates who wouldn’t grapple with him.

But as soon as Jupiter left Leo and advanced to Virgo, he lost Jupiter’s “grace.” Virgo, sign of the Virgin and the only sign symbolized by a human female, is especially offended by sexual violation. It took the revelation of Trump’s bragging about sexual assault, to finally make Republican elites abandon him in droves.

Now, the Sun, ruler of Leo, is debilitated in Libra, taking further wind out of Rahu’s sails. The Sun is helped by having benefics on either side (Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Libra). This gives hope to the elected leadership (Jupiter is the planet of hope), but does not add fuel to Rahu’s fire.

Saturn also aspects Rahu from 10 houses away, and Mars aspects Rahu from 8 houses away. Saturn puts pressure on Rahu to contain the latter’s damage, and Mars counters Rahu’s voracious appetite for power. When a planet is Exalted, it is very awake and aware. In this case, Exalted Mars is saying to Rahu, “strength does not mean what you think it means!”

My prediction? Trump gets trumped. Hoist by his own petard.

Mars gets further help from a one-way aspect from Jupiter, planet of hope and wisdom — one would “hope” this will give Mars the “wisdom” to pick battles wisely. Could this mean that a Clinton presidency will turn out to be not as hawkish and scandal-ridden as her detractors have long feared it might be?

Leather Bound . . . Book Sale!

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Raja and Dhana Yogas for Angelina Jolie

Filmed at the Maryland Women’s Expo, March 22, 2015. I chose Angelina Jolie for this demo, because she is a great example of someone who uses her celebrity to draw attention to causes she cares about.

Turns out she was exactly the right choice, because within a week of doing this speech, La Jolie was back in the news, twice! First, for her announcement of having had more preventive surgery, and second, for being awarded “Best Villain” at the Kids’ Choice Awards for last year’s performance as Maleficent.

I may do another video that goes into more detail about why she is OK with making the very difficult decision modify her body so extremely, in the hope of preventing two of the scariest, deadliest forms of cancer. Will it work? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Debilitated Mercury in Pisces — What to Do, Now

The next Mercury retrograde isn’t until May 20, but Mercury Debilitated starts Friday — which can be even worse.

When Mercury transits Pisces, he loses his ability to tell the difference between what is important and what is not. Emotions (Pisces) overwhelm Logic (Mercury), which can lead to a lot of “he said, she said” communications. Detachment becomes difficult.

Mercury is also the cash-flow King, so when he’s debilitated, watch for a temptation to make emotional for-the-hell-of-it buying decisions. Hold off on any major financial commitments, to avoid buyer’s remorse. Don’t just “assume” the $$ will “be there.”

Fortunately, Mercury transits out of Pisces and into Aries on April 13, just in time for you to make last-minute corrections to your tax returns before you submit them!

In the meantime, do what you can to keep a sense of humor — like play games or watch comedies. Mercury is the Fun guy, so don’t let your Fun muscles atrophy.

Oh, and don’t daydream while driving!

This transit is also receiving a trine aspect from Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces. This creates a “Neecha Bhanga,” a modification of debility.

It doesn’t completely cancel it — you will still feel the uncomfortable effects, at least initially. But then something happens to make the situation considerably better. Since the modification comes from Jupiter, it will involve the “grace of God.” So this is an excellent time to access higher wisdom teachings and perform religious rituals. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you.”

Since this debilitated Mercury is also joined Ketu (South Node Eclipse point), you may have already noticed something weird: You have an attitude, or a desire, about how your world would be better . . . something that you think ought to be obvious, but to the people around you, it’s not!

An example might be: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing.” Others might think that’s an unhealthy, obsessive attitude, that leads to stomping all over other people (especially people in your immediate family who shouldn’t be stomped on).

Odds are, there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with your belief (Jupiter). You have had a set of experiences, and coping with them has given you a kind of of mastery (Ketu). You have perfectly good reasons for wanting what you want (Mercury), and they are crystal-clear to you . . . but to nobody else.

You think you shouldn’t have to explain it. But the reason they just don’t “get it,” is because they haven’t had the same experiences as you, that have led you to that conclusion.

Yes, you DO have to explain it. Now is the time to spell it all out. (Mercury)

So here’s a perfect exercise for the next 3 weeks: Examine the reasons why you believe what you believe, want what you want. Write it all down. Do it in a logical sequence, tell the big-picture story of what led you to your conclusions, why you feel the way you do, and what you need to move forward from here. Allow your Inner Circle to ask questions about your story, so you can clarify further, if necessary.

Only in this way, will you be able to enlist them as your allies in your quest. (Without it, they will continue to be mystified — Merc in Pisces.) The modifying aspect from Jupiter highly favors this activity.

Jupiter Retrograde ’til April 2015: Examine Your Teachings!

Jupiter is now retrograde until April 9 of next year. He is easily visible in the night sky now, beginning about 9 pm (Eastern) until sunrise. He appears to be moving backwards in Cancer because he is actually closer to us, than to the Sun, in his orbit.

Jupiter rules the teachers in our life, and also our children — anything that causes us to expand our consciousness somehow. When retro, our relationship to those people becomes confused or delayed. This forces us to pay closer attention, on an inward level, to what we really believe to be true, what are the guiding principles of our life. How valid are they? If your teachers/teachings have been disappointing to you, you might find you just have to be your own best guru.

This is helped by the mutual aspect from Exalted Mars in Capricorn (until January 22). Have courage: question your teachers. Don’t accept anything blindly. Make them explain their unspoken assumptions. Do it politely if you can, but do it.

Death of the “New Republic,” a Scorpio event

Have you heard about the mass walkout of almost the entire staff of “The New Republic” magazine? I wasn’t a subscriber, but I have the utmost respect for what the magazine has represented for American journalism.

Holy Smokes, this has Saturn in Scorpio written all over it! Sudden, abrupt breaks and changes, and exposing what has been hidden (Scorpio), leading to the possible death of an 100-year-old institution (Saturn rules death and old things).

All this comes on the Full Moon (culmination of something that’s been building) in Taurus (integrity of Values) with a huge mashup of three other planets in Scorpio, including the Sun (leadership and vision), Venus (populism), and Mercury (communications), all showing polarization around these concepts.

As if that weren’t enough, Exalted Jupiter in Cancer is about to turn retrograde, casting a one-way aspect upon the 4 planets in Scorpio, and is mutually aspected by Exalted Mars in Capricorn. Might some Grace (Jupiter) be brought to the process, as the defecting editors and writers re-evaluate where to go from here (retrograde), possibly taking action (Mars) to form a new instrument of American intellectualism and liberal thought? Gods know we need it.

Wait and see . . .

Read more here: