Rewrite Your Stars

Don’t just accept the “Hand” you are dealt …
Rewrite Your Stars!

“In any great adventure, if you don’t want to lose,
Victory depends upon the people that you choose.” (Spamalot)

Eric Idle, formerly of the Monty Python comedy troupe, wrote those lyrics as a spoof, but it’s really true — whether you’re talking about Romance or Business.

My name is Rosanna Tufts, and I used to have a bad habit of picking men who really weren’t good for me. My first husband’s happy-go-lucky attitude masked alcoholic self-pity. And my second husband at first appeared to be as spiritual as me, but his easygoing attitude masked a bitter resentment of the rich and powerful. Then, when I inherited a substantial legacy, guess what happened … he got so jealous, our marriage collapsed under the strain!

Talk about a bait-and-switch! You would think a Human Resources pro like me would know better. I needed to learn how to look beneath the surface to see what people are really like, and how well they would match up to me.

When I saw how the strokes of someone’s handwriting accurately predicts how they will behave under pressure — I enrolled in Handwriting University of Los Angeles, to become a Certified Handwriting Analyst. After all, it’s when someone is under pressure, that you see who they really are — and wouldn’t it be nice to know that ahead of time!

Whether you are considering someone as a potential romantic partner, business partner, or employee . . . Handwriting Analysis can save you a lot of headaches and money.

But Handwriting Analysis didn’t explain why I kept attracting the same kind of weak men over and over. For that, I needed Jyotish, a system from India with very sophisticated compatibility techniques — very different from those used in the West, but spooky-accurate.

I became certified in this too, by the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science. With it, I can not only determine the compatibility between two people’s charts, but I can assess someone’s (or your) “relationship capacity” — even more important.

What is your True Power? When will you Step Into it?

For those circumstances that are beyond your control, what can you do right now that will transform their hold upon you?

At Rewrite Your Stars, that’s what I do: give you strategies to Raise Your Game … and make sure the right people are playing with you.

Lunar Mansions Report for your Moon, Sun, and Ascendant $47
Comprehensive Analysis of a Handwriting Sample $97
TWO Handwriting Samples compared for Compatibility $147
Solar Return Chart (for upcoming or most recent birthday) $147
Horary Chart for specific situational question $147
Comprehensive Analysis of a Jyotish Chart (Life Reading) $197
Analysis of Two Charts for Compatibility $297
Coaching in Grapho-Therapy or Vedic Sadhana Monthly fee

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