Jupiter Retrograde ’til April 2015: Examine Your Teachings!

Jupiter is now retrograde until April 9 of next year. He is easily visible in the night sky now, beginning about 9 pm (Eastern) until sunrise. He appears to be moving backwards in Cancer because he is actually closer to us, than to the Sun, in his orbit.

Jupiter rules the teachers in our life, and also our children — anything that causes us to expand our consciousness somehow. When retro, our relationship to those people becomes confused or delayed. This forces us to pay closer attention, on an inward level, to what we really believe to be true, what are the guiding principles of our life. How valid are they? If your teachers/teachings have been disappointing to you, you might find you just have to be your own best guru.

This is helped by the mutual aspect from Exalted Mars in Capricorn (until January 22). Have courage: question your teachers. Don’t accept anything blindly. Make them explain their unspoken assumptions. Do it politely if you can, but do it.


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