Death of the “New Republic,” a Scorpio event

Have you heard about the mass walkout of almost the entire staff of “The New Republic” magazine? I wasn’t a subscriber, but I have the utmost respect for what the magazine has represented for American journalism.

Holy Smokes, this has Saturn in Scorpio written all over it! Sudden, abrupt breaks and changes, and exposing what has been hidden (Scorpio), leading to the possible death of an 100-year-old institution (Saturn rules death and old things).

All this comes on the Full Moon (culmination of something that’s been building) in Taurus (integrity of Values) with a huge mashup of three other planets in Scorpio, including the Sun (leadership and vision), Venus (populism), and Mercury (communications), all showing polarization around these concepts.

As if that weren’t enough, Exalted Jupiter in Cancer is about to turn retrograde, casting a one-way aspect upon the 4 planets in Scorpio, and is mutually aspected by Exalted Mars in Capricorn. Might some Grace (Jupiter) be brought to the process, as the defecting editors and writers re-evaluate where to go from here (retrograde), possibly taking action (Mars) to form a new instrument of American intellectualism and liberal thought? Gods know we need it.

Wait and see . . .

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