New Book in the Works!

Brahmin or Bohemian? WASP or Wiccan? Can you be both?

In “Blue Blood, Green Heart,” Rosanna discovers that her deceased mother is still very much alive in her mind, still haunting her and demanding that she abandon her kooky Pagan friends and claim her rightful place in wealthy elite society.

Rosanna’s choice of husbands — she HAD to have one whose Nature Spirituality matched hers — strained her relationship with her mother to the breaking point. But when both marriages failed, she had to wonder: Was Mom right after all?

Most other Pagans will tell you how they rejected an excessively dogmatic religious upbringing. Not Rosanna — what she rejected was class snobbery.

Now, for the first time, Rosanna Tufts reveals the forces behind the warring sides of her soul: Not a duel of theologies, but a clash of classes.



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