Virgo in the Spotlight

A little after 8 pm tonight, Sun moves out of his “home” sign of Leo and into Virgo, where Rahu also is, thereby setting up the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of October 8 and 23.

Contrary to popular belief, the Sun is the planet not of Personality (that would be the Moon), but of Power. His purpose is literally to shine a light on something and burn away illusions about it — and for that reason, he can be harsh. In Virgo, he’s shining a light on our routines and systems, all the little things we have to do to make our lives run smoothly. Depending upon which House Virgo rules in your chart, a particular area of life will get the spotlight: 1st, issues involving your physical body and constitution; 2nd, your self-esteem, values, and things that make you feel “secure” in life; 3rd, issues involving siblings and competition, etc.

With Rahu here as well, you may find that this process will feel quite explosive for the next month. For the rest of this week, Exalted Mercury, also in Virgo, will help you exercise discrimination about what “works” and what doesn’t. Mercury advances to Libra on September 21, but then turns Retrograde on October 5, retreating back into Virgo, so you’ll get some extra chances to go over this.

Resist the temptation to “blame everything” on Mercury Retro this time. The REAL reason why you may be feeling out-of-sorts is that Venus will be in Virgo September 26-October 19, where she is Debilitated. In Virgo, Venus can find every reason to NOT be happy, nothing satisfies her. Remember that Venus’ highest expression is to be “happy for no reason,” but if you can’t do that, look to Mars in his “home” sign of Scorpio.

Mars is the planet of strength, doing what needs to be done whether you “feel like it” or not. You may find that now is a better time to be Strong, and forego Happiness until later. Just “keep the faith” (Exalted Jupiter in Cancer) that eventually Happiness will come!


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