Good News for Kitchen Witches!

Yahoo for Rahu! For the next 18 months, two of the slowest moving “planets,” the eclipse points Rahu and Ketu, will be transiting backward through two signs where they are more “at home:” Virgo and Pisces, respectively.

Rahu, the North Node, shows our fascination with the things of this world — even to the point of becoming addicted to them. As the sign that follows the royal Leo, Virgo is all about “managing the kingdom.” It is the sign of civil servants. In Virgo, Rahu becomes less obsessed and more practical.

Ketu, the South Node, shows where we become disgusted with the world, and want to turn away from it, “let it go! let it go!” as Queen Elsa would say. Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, is the sign where we want to let go of everything anyway. Ketu here becomes less sharp or harshly critical, and can just relax into the primordial soup.

Everyone is going to benefit from this transit. “Practical Mysticism” is highly favored now. (This should be good news for all you Kitchen Witches!) For me, this amounts to a homecoming of sorts, as I have this placement natally. As a Taurean, Rahu is in my 5th House of Creativity, and Ketu in my 11th House of Large Social Movements. I have to align my creativity with higher social service, not just “dancin’ for my own enjoyment.”

So guys, over the next 18 months, let me know whether YOU are actually GETTING something out of my creative efforts! I’ll tell you about them, but not just for bragging. If what I’m doing, feeds YOUR soul too, tell me, OK?


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