Saturn & Mars Retrograde — What it means for YOU

These days, does it seem to you that you are having impositions and demands placed upon you, FAR more that what you would normally consider reasonable?

It’s not your imagination. You ARE. The stuff you’re having to deal with, now, may be magnified to unprecedented levels, compared to what you’re used to.

Routines, schedules, anything predictable that you used to be able to count on, in order to get stuff DONE — has all of that pretty much just gone out the window?

That’s the disruptive influence of the North Node of the Moon. Both of the current Saturn and Mars Retrogrades are happening really close to this eclipse point. And the North Node has a habit of exploding anything it touches.

Are there certain situations in your life, where you’ve been just sort of muddling-through with them, but now they’ve gotten SO out of hand, that you HAVE to do something? You’ve reached a breaking-point with that thing.

Saturn breaks things, or changes them. Any structural weakness, breaking-points just waitingto happen, Saturn exposes them, and when he’s conjunct the North Node, he will expose them in a BIG way.

Hear the rest of the cosmic weather report on “Retrogrades and Reversals (Redux)” on my radio show, The Tufts Get Going!


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